simon and bono

Simon worked with Dolores O'Reirdan from the Cranberries on a live version of Linger for the "Save the Children" benefit CD. I think the duet is more beautiful than its original version and I wonder: Would Simon ever consider working with Bono of U2? Collectively, they are both very similiar: Charasmatic to the Xth degree Amazing song writers Passionate in presentation Voices like angels. I would love to know.... Thanks Chris

HI CHRIS. I THINK THEY WOULD BE TERRIFIC TOGETHER, AND APPARENTLY, SO DOES SIMON: “I'd love to sing with bono, it's coming to me now, just think we could go on a little pub crawl - I mean tour. Hey we could even do "Ebony and Ivory" except we'd have to change some of the words maybe - yeah I've got it - "english me and irish he" whaddya think?s”