maybe you shouldn't have written….

Dear Mr Le Bun,Although I am rather too old to have enjoyed your 'New Wave' music of the nineteen eighties decade, I have always considered you a nice, sensitive boy since seeing you playing a guitar on 'West Midlands Today' as a child (that's you as a child, not me!).
And as a man who I'm sure is proud of his roots, you seemed the ideal person to ask to return to me an email offering some support and encouragement to the players of Coventry City Football Club for the forthcoming season.
I am sure that a message from you would inspire them to great things, as did your music inspire a generation of otherwise feckless youth.
By the way, I will NOT be asking such a favour of Spandau Ballet, as they are a bunch of Cockney tossers.Up the Midlands!David Wardale

"Dear Mr Smartarse Wanksh*t,You support Coventry City? ...... UNLUCKY.I'd rather go and see my friends Spandau Ballet play a hundred times than sit through an sad inept soccer match with likes of you.smiln' Simon"