The downlow on the HiFi from JT!

Ask Katy
Katy, This is for John. I'm loving all the new Duran Duran vinyl coming out. Does John have any recommendations or advice on how to go about building a hi fi system?  It's quite confusing.  I want my Duran Duran records to sound awesome. Any advice is appreciated! Huge life long Duranie,  Eugene Ostrowsky. 

"Hi Eugene, Huge question for someone like me, who is OBSESSED with getting my music to sound PERFECT at home. Keeping it simple I would say invest in a tube amplifier. If you are going to play records chances are they were recorded pre-digital, and btw, I don’t generally buy vinyl of digital recordings.. but if you’re listening to anything over 20 years old- vinyl is the best. Anyway... tube amplifiers bring out the best in analog sound and will add analog warmth to your cd player- which you have to have ... streaming now is really good, I use it as I used to use radio. Quick and cheap. You got to be able to put your phone through your system. Speakers.. dang, there are soooo many.. generally I like UK made, Linn or Harbeth. That’s enough for now! JT"