Ask Katy
Hi Katy, I had a question to pose to Nick or John:  I recall the Strange Behavior tour in 1987 reworked a lot of the songs for more horns and some altered arrangements.  While the band is primarily forward looking, do you ever rework some of the classics for your shows or do you prefer to keep them as they were? Thanks! 

"Because we had a brass section for the Strange Behaviour” tour, we did indeed, specifically, re-work some of the older songs. This was not the only tour where we have re-arranged different pieces of music;  MTV UNPLUGGED is certainly a show that coms to mind where the entire set was re-worked for a mostly acoustic performance. More recently, we have tended to keep a lot of the singles closer to the original versions as that seems to be our audience’s preference, though sometimes it is fun to do. Nick just spent several days in a studio making new versions of 4 of our older songs for a forthcoming release this October. It was fascinating to discover different ways of looking at the same pieces of music. Thanks for your question, The Band"