Ask Katy

Hello Katy! I remember falling in love with the 'Notorious' album cover when I bought the vinyl in '86. I simply love that dark contour of the tree on the cover, which is also in the 'Notorious' video.I have always wondered where those exterior shots in the video/album cover where filmed (with that beautiful tree)? There is no information on the filming location of the video, so I am asking you. Thank you very much, Sam

"Very good question Sam! The photograph was shot by John Swannell, a fabulous British photographer who we worked with again on the FUTURE PAST project. I am afraid we don’t remember the precise location of the tree (it was somewhere outside of London), but suspect John S would, because he was particularly insistent about going to that place for the photograph, and even more so for that specific tree. The video footage was shot on super 8, and at the time, we had not even thought of using it in the actual video for the song, but it did become quite useful. NR"