“Big Bang Generation”

Hi Katy, my question is for Simon, Nick or John who cowrite the great song "Big Bang Generation". I want to know if the song "Big Bang Generation" was thinking as a new version of "Planet Earth" in reference or tribute to David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust ? Thanx. Eduardo from Argentina.

"Not sure it was any of the things you’ve suggested Eduardo; "BBG" was a track the band had without a lyric during the Medazzaland sessions, which Nick had originally titled “Swimming with the Sharks” but Simon was not keen on the idea. Nick didn’t want to lose the track, so he later re-worked the lyric as "BIG BANG GENERATION." The song is really based upon the thought of how big we think we are on planet earth, when we are actually how infinitesimally small in reality to the universe. Nick personally believes there is more civilized life out there, somewhere, and he feels it seems rather arrogant to possibly believe we are the only living beings that exist in the entire solar system."