Ask Katy

Simon, FUTURE PAST evoked the emotions which I’d last felt when I got my first DD album 40 years ago. Like your first, FUTURE PAST is top shelf! Anyhoo, I have a question about Invocation. Can you please offer some insight into how it evolved to the final track? It is such an emotive, powerful song. Love it! Thanks, Gem

"Hi Gem. INVOCATION is the 2nd part of the song HAMMERHEAD. It came at the end of it and derived from when Erol played that guitar riff. His parents are Turkish and there’s a Turkish vibe in the way he played that guitar. I was singing sort of like David Bowie does on “Wild as the Wind,” sort of chanting, and it took off in to a really cool direction. When HAMMERHEAD was expanded and Ivorion Doll came on to the song, we didn’t want to have this bit stuck on to the end of it, so we thought we should call it by a different name and have it’s own space. s"