Arena: Around the World?

Ask Katy

Was the album ARENA really recorded around the world? If so, how did they manage to do it? Did they record a concert in every country they passed during the world tour? In Spotify it says the album was recorded live in Oakland, CA in April 1984. I know they recorded the video for "Arena / As The Lights go Down" in this concert. Thank you so much! Heloísa

“Hello Heloisa, I tend to agree with you that it’s a rather sweeping statement, lacking in specific detail, particularly the vagueness of where each piece was filmed and recorded. However, it is correct the bulk of songs and live performance was filmed in Oakland, CA. The film / album also include the song “Wild Boys,” which was made in London and New York. The abstract and additional footage was shot at film studios and other locations in the UK. I am not quite sure about the rest of the world in between…Nick”

ps - look for another ARENA question next month