Nick Camera Update

Hi Katy, I was only 10 years old when I was exposed to music by Duran Duran. I remember joining the membership club when I was 11 years old. I think I recall one of the newsletters showing Nick Rhodes holding a Nikon camera. Does Nick Rhodes use non-digital SLR cameras today? Since digital cameras weren't available for the public 35 years ago, I assume that he used those analogue cameras. What camera does he use today? (Mixture of digital and analogue?) I'd be curious to see the images he takes. One gets to see many photos of the band members by doing a google search. But not so much of the scenes they take on their cameras when they go touring..etc... Thanks. Mei Yen

“Hello Mei Yen, I used analogue camera entirely until the late 1990s, when started to experiment with early digital cameras. For a number of years following this, I used both digital and 35 mm. There is no doubt that the 35 mm images remain way better than any digital image from that period. I guess it was the convenience of digital that drew most of in, eventually. Although for the past several years I have used solely digital cameras, which, as I am sure you know, are now enormously more impressive than they were in the early days. However, I have recently been logging my personal photo archive, and when I look back at the 35 mm I do indeed wish that I had continued using analogue cameras throughout out. I do still have all of my cameras, including polaroids, nikons, canons etc, but my favourite to take out daily is the contax T2, which I intend to start using again shortly. NR"