Working with Huxley

Ask Katy

Hello Ms.Katy! This question is for the band: I am fascinated with the work of Huxley on the Invisible video. I would love to hear more details about the fabrication process. Did you find any drawbacks while using Huxley regarding the visual experience, you wanted the viewer to see, or otherwise? I also notice that with each viewing of the video I find another layer, another lenticular image..Was this initially intended or something that developed over the course of time? -Carmen Jenness

"Hello Carmen. It was a fascinating experience making the video for INVISIBLE with a new species. Huxley really does have a mind of its own and during the process, there were constant surprises …whilst you do have control over what information you initially choose to feed in to the computer, once it’s there, there is no real control over how that information is used and published by Huxley. For example, at one point, all we were receiving were thousands of images of dogs. Nobody has any idea as to why, but it appears Huxley became obsessed with creating new breeds of dogs. This went on for several days until finally, it decided to change direction. I think this is really the tip-off the iceberg because there are infinite possibilities and I was astonished by how beautiful some of the imagery was, even though it was entirely created by a machine. Sometimes, you’re able to follow a thought process - for example its answer to images of keyboards was to produce a Zebra! Other times, its choices are completely confounding. I am very much looking forward to our next adventure, whenever that may be. NR”