June 2021 D Blast

Welcome to the June D Blast...

* By now we hope you've heard the band's new single, INVISIBLE, from their forthcoming album, FUTURE PAST.

The extraordinary video is the first collaboration of its kind between artists in different planes of existence. Huxley is unique dreamer, with an A.I. “mind” that has been designed based on what is known about how the cognitive and emotional processes of human beings’ work, and that creates and dreams much as people do. “INVISIBLE” was also mixed with an immersive 360RA experience in mind, so please use headphones for the full effect.

* If you didn't see Duran Duran's performance on the Billboard Music Awards, check it out here. They played a medley of "Notorious," "INVISIBLE" and "Hungry like the Wolf," with Graham Coxon from Blur on guitar.

* FUTURE PAST merch? We got it. Pre-order the album (in transparent green, white or black vinyl) cassette or CD, PLUS grab a tee or tote while you're at it.

* John interviewed Dom for Classic Pop Magazine and it's a fun read. See the whole article here.

* June means birthday for John and Nick! Listen to their birthday messages here: Nick Nick & John

* Both Pandora (North America) and BBC Radio 2 (UK) hosted Duran 40: An Oral History of Duran Duran. In this newly formatted show, the band came together to reflect on the songs and stories that shaped their iconic career, along with special guests Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson. Listen to the Claudia Winkleman hosted special on Pandora, and on BBC Radio 2.

* Many of the band's summer 2021 tour dates have been re-scheduled. Make sure you know what's happening when by visiting the tour page on duranduran.com.

* If you are not a member, now is a great time to JOIN the Duran Duran Member Only Fan Community . With a new single already on the air, and the full album coming out on October 22, tour dates are sure to follow! If you’re already a member, make sure all your information is up to date so we can reach you if need be… lots of exciting stuff coming!