“Burning The Ground” & “Decadance”

Ask Katy

I've always been curious about the remixes/singles titled "Burning The Ground" & "Decadance." Can Nick or anyone shed any light on the history of these such as were they released as singles to radio stations or mainly dance remixes for the fans? Has Duran Duran considered an updated version to include more recent tracks? Thank you! Mike V

"The tracks were created to coincide with the release of the DECADE album, unsurprisingly celebrating 10 years of Duran Duran single releases. “Burning the Ground” was definitely released in some countries on 7 inch vinyl format and “Decadance" on 12”. Because of the nature of the song not having the same type of structure as many of our previous tracks, radio were generally confused and it didn’t receive a lot attention at that time. However, the band later found out it had become big hit in several different countries…since then, it seems to have gathered its own cult status but it has never been re-released, remixed or repackaged. The band says if they did a new piece based on the same concept it could be quite interesting given the amount of material to choose from. Katy"