All those RIO versions….

Ask Katy

Nick has mentioned that there are 5 or 6 versions of RIO when it was originally released and one of the biggest differences is the version of “Hold Back The Rain”. Can they tell us which releases (country, I would suspect) would have the 5 or 6 different versions. I’m aware of the UK and the US being different, but what other releases have the different versions? Bob

"It would be difficult for us to unravel. Aside from the second pressing in RIO released in the US, there was never meant to be any other different versions. It was all accidental, or actually, Record Company incompetence because when they re -pressed the album, several times, they managed to use earlier versions that were not ever meant to be released. From memory, Colin Thurston and Nick did quite a few different edits to see what worked best. The main reason for this was that if the track was too long, we were to lose to audio quality on the vinyl because you had a specific time limit before sound deterioration began. We believe the first British pressing has the correct version, but then everything went awry with subsequent pressings all over the world. You can get more information here. The Band"