August 2020 D Blast

Welcome to your AUGUST D Blast!

This month brought Duran Duran Appreciation Day (on the 10th) and this year featured a LIVE chat between Nick and John on Instagram. If you missed any of it, you can watch it all right here!

* Simon's WHOOOSH! Podcast has moved to Spotify! You can find the show every Friday pinned to the top of the band's Spotify profile. If you want to listen to it on YouTube, it makes its way there mid week after posting to Spotify first.

* Roger has a new Desert Island Disc - #3, where he talks about hearing Japan for the first time, loving Blondie, really being moved by James Brown, and more! You can catch all of his Episodes here.

* Duran Duran is proud to participate in the UK’s National Album Day in October and will be releasing a double white vinyl of their eponymous debut album. Read more about it here.

* Thank you to ALL the fans who participated in the Duran Duran Official Store LOOKBOOK contest. The submissions were amazing!! If you want to see the final LOOKBOOK, check it out here and make sure you take note of all the great new items in store, including this puzzle!!

* If you are a member of the Fan Community, we hope you're enjoying the new Kafe with Simon and a great Q&A with Mark Egan, the bassist from Arcadia - plus the cool giveaways we have been doing each month! A BRAND NEW GOLD package will be available soon and once performances start again members will get access to pre-sale tickets and VIP packages. Make sure your membership is up-to-date!