Possible Duran Duran EPs?

Ask Katy

Katy: Hello! Thank you for doing what you do - the community thanks you. PAPER GODS took a long time to create, and to me it sounded like 3 different albums (funky one, goth one and a Hudson one). Has Duran Duran ever considered creating a mini-album of 3-4 songs? Could this formula ever work with a record label? As a fan from the beginning, I alway want new music, but 2 years in a studio seems exhausting, for everyone! Thanks, Tony

"Hello Tony. I spoke to the guys in the band and this was the general consensus: In the current musical climate it is acceptable to put out individual tracks at any time, or even EPs. Certainly it’s a much faster process than recording an album. However, the band seem to like creating a body of new songs over a period of time. They feel they get a more cohesive record doing it this way, but on the few occasions that they have written just one song - like “Wild Boys” or “A View to a Kill,” it worked out ok... The band do plan to be back in the Studio early this year, so I guess time will tell. Katy"