Roger’s Drum Style

Ask Katy

Katy, This one’s for Roger. I’ve been a fan for decades now and enjoy the live show and showmanship of all the band. As a drummer, I’m wondering if Roger would discuss how his style (and kit) has evolved over the years. Watching “Sing Blue Silver” then “Pressure Off”, as a younger drummer, there was much more physicality in the show. Was this actually hitting harder? Has mic and drum technology advanced to help make the live performance less physically demanding? Roger, you really seem to be wailing on that kit back in the day, from the Palladium concert videos right up to Live Aid. Thanks for your time and the gift of music. Steve

"Hi There Steve, Yes, my style has changed over the years, and I have become much more 'economical' in my playing style. I definitely do much less 'wailing' than I used to . After all, as they say ..the true power of the drummer is really in the hands and the forearms, this is definitely something I have developed and embraced over the years. Live mic'ing, compression and mixing have also come on 'leaps and bounds' over the decades, which is all power to the drummer!

Kit set up hasn't really changed that much, altho ..the electronic part of the kit has become much more sophisticated, we can now lift samples from the album backing tracks & put them into my electronic pads, which means we can stay much closer to the sounds on the album. Thnx for the question, RT"