Planetary Themes

Ask Katy

I've noticed there has been a lot of lyrics and artwork from the band over the years with a wonderful Cosmic/Astronomical vibe. Astronaut being the obvious. I was wondering if anyone in the band does any stargazing or has a affinity for Astronomy/Astro-photography? P.S. I love the stunning images of the Night Sky in the backdrop of the Paper Gods tour! Reine'

"The band says they all share a little bit of a fascination with things otherworldly. Nick had a telescope when he was young and he would spend hours looking in to the sky at night piecing together the different star constellations. More recently, he discovered the fantastic App STAR WALK which brought back all those memories for him. The band couldn’t understand anyone who wasn’t interested in the universe “out there.” Obviously, planetary themes have often cropped up in Duran Duran songs starting from the very beginning with “Planet Earth."