How To Do A Track List

May I say your last two albums have been two of the finest, that I continually play all the time. My question to you is how easy (or hard) is it to choose the final track list for an album? Can you give your fans some insight into the process? I ask especially as PAPER GODS' bonus tracks included the sumptuous "Northern Lights," the sultry "Cinderella Ride" and the thumping "Valentine Stones." I myself can't decide which of the twelve PAPER GODS tracks could even make way for them, so how did you? Kindest regards, Christian Tam

"Hello Christian. It’s usually a fairly democratic process that involved lots of arguments. I thinks "Northern Lights" should have been on the album but Simon and I had a dispute over the positioning of one musical part in the track so it was set aside until we could resolve it, and it missed the album deadline. I also decided to add the intro much later. Having said all of this, I think that people usually find the tracks they want now, and as much I love the vinyl album format, it’s rare to find anyone who listens an entire album even in digital format, from start to finish. I am glad you enjoyed those bonus tracks though. Nick”