Fan Community Q&A with Vikki Walker

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Every month we feature an excerpt from a Fan Community Q&A and we are all lucky enough to get a few words from the amazing Vikki Walker, Paper Gods Tour Coordinator!

How did you get involved in touring?

A twist of fate I suppose! I was planning being a psychologist and had just completed my masters degree when a friend in the music business put me in touch with a Popcorn catering in the UK. I was supposed to just do one tour but work kept flowing and I really never looked back . Touring is an incredibly special industry to be part of, you work very long hours but the reward of travel and meeting like minded people is like no other job I have heard of . Its truly a family environment .

You are listed in the tour book as the Backstage Coordinator – brief job description?

Whilst the stage is busy being built out on the floor, there is also an awful lot of work that goes into the backstage area. I consider my role as backstage co-ordinator is to make sure that everyone has a nice environment to spend the 18 or so hours a day that we spend in each venue.

The band are AWESOME and I love making a smelly old locker room look and feel comfortable for them to relax in before and after the show. When you work for a really great artist you want to make as much effort as possible to make them happy. As much as touring is fantastic it also can be tiring, emotionally draining and lonely at times. Traveling and staying in different hotels every day is great but sometimes you just want some familiarity so I really try to create the same room for the guys every day so that they have some consistency . I travel with all the furniture for the boys room so that no matter what I’m faced with at 7am on show day , I have the tools to make a great room for them to hang out in.

I also deal with all of the catering for the tour which means I advance menus for catering so that the band and crew have healthy varied options for food each day . I’d hope that the DD crew would say they get well fed on tour!

How did you get connected with Duran Duran?

I’m sure you all know Holly and Ken! I’ve worked with them many times over the last 8 years, we all worked together on George Michael and let me tell you they are the best in the business. I was actually in a mini retirement from the industry when Ken called me about the DD tour. I’m always excited to be working with any team that Ken puts together so naturally I dropped everything and joined the tour. Holly has been one of my best friends for 10 years !

What were your first impressions of:

Anna: Goddess - have you heard that voice ?? and those legs.. wow!

Dom: Super welcoming and always smiling.

Simon W: I’d hang out with Simon W all the time if our schedules were the same - we share a love of good beer and he is just lovely to be around

John: John always makes me feel calm , he has such an infectious energy.

Nick: Unique and interesting

Roger: Myself and Roger are from almost the same place in Birmingham and I love talking in my local accent with him . Roger is relaxed and just so great to be around. Secretly Roger is my favorite ( everyone is allowed a favorite , right?!)

Simon: Simon gives the best hugs !

You were involved in bringing a gift from the band to the two fans who were getting married on the lawn at a Duran Duran concert this summer – tell us about it

The band had seen on social media that a couple were going to get married at their Chicago show and wanted to congratulate them so I got to take a card and a magnum of champagne out to the couple . The weather was gorgeous and the venue was perfect for a wedding, the couple had all of their friends and family with them and were having a brilliant time, I’m sure a personal message from the band was the icing on the cake. It’s wonderful to be able to be involved in making someones day and so nice to work for a band that cares so much about their fans. I remember there being a distinct air of love around that day!

**Make sure to visit Vikki's awesome bar if you're ever in Portland: