Does JT Use a Chorus Pedal?

Hi Katy, I was one of the lucky attendants to the Lollapalooza Chile show the band did in April. First of all, congratulations on an excellent performance. Local press, fans and non fans alike were very impressed by you guys. This is a question for John. I noticed that you used a chorus pedal on most if not all of the performance. Since when are you using this effect and why the change? Also, what pedal do you use for this? Thanks and regards, Reynaldo.

JT: Hi Reynaldo. I don't use a chorus pedal! You should talk to Bernie (John's tech)

Bernie: Hi Reynaldo, John doesn't use any Chorus in his live rig, it's a clean signal from the amp. The only effects he uses are delay on certain songs, octave, and distortion on "Notorious." Hope this helps.