Disco Rock – 10 of the Best

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Led Zep and the Stones liked to up the tempo, Blondie blazed a trail that led to Duran Duran and the Gossip … but was it all dreamed up by George Harrison?

7. Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf
Most pop-culture movements reach a natural end, but disco is perhaps unique in having had a direct hit put out on it. While some may still deny it, the subtext to the “Disco Sucks!” campaign was an effort to reassert the supremacy of supposedly straight, white rock music. The campaign, sadly, succeeded in its short-term goal – dislodging disco from its pre-eminence – but in the long term it proved a failure. Duran Duran were disco-fied to the nines. Rio is the greatest disco-rock album ever made. What other giants of the sub-genre ever committed to a complete album of the stuff? It had the snarl, the razor-toothed bite, of good rock music, and the glossy, synthetic delirium at which latter-day disco excelled. If you have to pick a single track to represent it, which I do, then Hungry Like the Wolf – simultaneously absurd, exhilarating, carnal, exotic and relentless – is bound to be the one.

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