Writing A Musical v. An Album

Ask Katy

Hello, Nick. How are you? Since you are writing a musical along with John, I was wondering how different that process is compared to the writing of an album, and if there are any particular instruments or equipment you've acquired just for this purpose. Thank you. Much love from Buenos Aires, Fabiana

"Hi Fabiana,

As John and I are working on a musical, it is a very different process to writing a collection of songs for an album. In some ways, the task is clearer because we have defined our story and characters, so we know what we need to write in order to tell the story. Whereas, with unrelated material, the difficulty is zeroing in on what a song should be about and finding that inspiration lyrically.

I am using mostly the same gear as I would to write and record other songs. However, I did recently acquire a choir, albeit a digital one for the moment. Nick"