The Shoe on Paper Gods

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I've identified almost everything on the PAPER GODS album cover except for the woman's white shoe. Can you elaborate? Thanks, Jami

"Hi Jami,

We did a little research and the best answer came from Patty Palazzo:

"You know, that’s actually the most non-specific one… Nick, John and China (Chow) originally put together a list of items that fit into the DD style lexicon, and a women’s high heeled shoe was on there (as an overall representation of the women in the DD videos/world throughout the years.) Then when Alex Israel went through all the items I collected to pick out which ones he wanted to use for the cover, there was a specific style of a white shoe that he wanted - he sent a photo, which I believe was referenced from one of the girls in the "Falling Down" video. I ended up having to google a shoe and then edit it to what Alex wanted. So there’s not really a specific thing it’s from, but I actually could point to "Electric Barbarella," Nick’s white shoe photo on the liner notes of the Wedding Album package, "Come Undone," "All She Wants Is" and the "Falling Down" video." "