Single review: Duran Duran Comes Roaring Back With ‘Pressure Off’

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[5 stars]

Duran Duran steps into the future with its new single, "Pressure Off," which was released June 19 and is available to listen to and download on several channels, including Google Play.

The song features Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers, who, along with co-producer Mark Ronson, can be heard all over the new single. Sure, the song is in the vein of Rodger's and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Ronson's "Uptown Funk." While featuring the vibrancy of the newer songs by longtime Duranies Rodgers and Ronson, it's classic Duran.

After all, the funk revival Daft Punk brought about by welcoming Rodgers into the fold was done much earlier by Duran, who had the Chic musician produce and play on the band's hit album "Notorious" in 1986. Ronson produced Duran's last studio album, 2011's "All You Need Is Now."

Embracing nostalgia while keeping a foot in the future seems to be a theme of Duran's latest work. The band's forthcoming album, "Paper Gods," is sprinkled with references to Duran's past, at least as far as the artwork goes. A "cherry ice cream smile," a tiger, and now, a toothy, roaring maw. The latter image, now associated with "Pressure Off," seems to be a nod to one of the band's least commercially successful albums, "Liberty." Yet this time, Duran has all the makings of a hit on its hands.

"Pressure Off" is Duran's first effort off "Paper Gods," set to be released Sept. 18 in the United States. The band played audio of the song before its set June 20 at Sonar Festival, and the chance to hear the single live with all featured players is looming as Duran begins a round of U.S. shows Aug. 5 at Roger's FOLD Festival.

The track listing of "Paper Gods," as shown on Amazon: "Paper Gods" (feat. Mr Hudson); "Last Night In The City" (feat. Kiesza); "You Kill Me With Silence"; "Pressure Off"; "Face For Today"; "Danceophobia"; "What Are the Chances?"; "Sunset Garage"; "Change The Skyline"; "Butterfly Girl"; "Only In Dreams"; "The Universe Alone"; "Planet Roaring" (bonus track); "Valentine Stones" (bonus track); and "Northern Lights" (bonus track).