Additions to the Synth Canon

Hi Katy! My name's Mark and I live in Melbourne, Australia - I have a question for Nick...

Nick, with the re-emergence of analog in the synth world, there are a lot of new synthesizers being introduced (e.g. the Prophet 6, ARP Odyssey reissue, etc.). Just wondering if you'd like to update your synth followers with any new additions you've gotten (or are considering)!

"Dear Mark, As you can imagine, it comes as no great surprise to me that people are now looking to re-discover and re-invent the beauty of analog synthesizers. On our new album, I have once more used almost entirely vintage analog synthesizers. However, my most recent discovery is the OP1 synth made by Teenage Engineering. This is one of the first fully digital synths that I am completely enthralled by. Regarding upcoming products, I am curios to see the Prophet 6 which sounds very promising and was developed by a stellar team. I am actually meeting with Roland synthesizers tomorrow to see some of their new gear too…NR"