Two Qs: “Medazzaland” & “Pop Trash”

This question is probably for Nick:

I loved "Medazzaland" when it came out and listened to it quite a bit, then it made its way out of rotation. About a year ago I pulled it back out, and if anything, it has gotten better with age. I really think it was about 15 years ahead of its time. Looking back on the music and pop culture landscape of the late 90s / early 00s, there was really no way "Medazzaland" or "Pop Trash" were going to be hits at that time. But now? I've been wanting to ask this for many months, and now that I see you're contemplating a vinyl re-release I can no longer resist. Could you talk a little about the evolution of your own feelings about this material? Obviously every band is 100% behind their new stuff when it comes out. Then sometimes if it doesn't do well, the band will go in a different direction and sort of throw said album under the bus. Has there been a rediscovery of these two albums and how interestingly great they are on your part, or did you always love them and were just waiting for the proper occasion to contemplate a reissue? Thanks, Nick Kostenborder

"Hello Nick, Thank you for your kind email.

I never really look back for too long. Although I am incredibly proud of all the albums we have created, once we finish the touring cycle, I don’t usually hear those songs again for a very long time unless they pop up on the radio somewhere when I happen to be in car or a shop. As a band, we are always trying to reinvent our sound but equally stay true to the initial Duran Duran manifesto that gave us our personality. The late 90s were a difficult period for the band, particularly when John departed for a couple of years. We had to work even harder to define our sound and find a place post-grunge and dance music explosion. I seem to remember we were listening to some hip-hop, but also looking back to the 70s for true inspiration. I would definitely be happy to release vinyl versions of these albums as I am a firm believer that everything should be available for those who want the ultimate listening experience. Nick"

Hi Katy, With the tremendous resurgence of vinyl, will the band consider high quality vinyl reissues of "Medazzaland" and "Pop Trash"? I believe these two were never available on vinyl. Thanks! Todd

Hi Todd,

Vinyl is Nick and John’s personal favorite formats, and they would love to have their entire catalog available for those who would like to hear their songs at the highest possible quality. The band have said they would love to release both "Medazzaland" and "Pop Trash," and have discussed partnering with The Vinyl Factory in London … Watch this space. Katy"