New LP Release of Duran Duran’s RIO?

Hi Katy, I see from Amazon and other sites that the 2LP version of Rio is set for re-release in early/mid June, apparently by Rhino UK. I'm wondering if you know any details about this release ... is it from the same masters/lacquers as the 2009 release? If the source is the 2009 digital remasters, is there any way you can check with the label about the bit rate of the digital files they used (i.e., is it the same 16/44.1 as the CD, or is it something better like 24/96 or 24/192)? Thanks!! Mike

Hello Mike, Thanks for the question. It's pretty much the same as the 2009 release - using the same parts that were already in place at the factory although the art has been amended because of the change of logos. I guess the reasons it is getting profile is that it is back in circulation after going out of stock (and now with a new company) and perhaps also because of the World Cup.

We can’t honestly remember the spec of the remasters before it was down sampled for CD back in '09 but we may well have worked at 96/24 and if so the vinyls would have been cut from that. Katy