Clearmountain Mix of “Is There Something I Should Know”

Katy, Any chance the band will ever release or otherwise publish the Bob Clearmountain mix of 'Is There Something I Should Know?'? Thanks, Martin

"Hi Martin. Strange you should ask. Nick said he just mentioned this to John a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first time they’d thought about the mix for more than 2 decades!

Nick remembers sitting with Bob through most of the night while he mixed the song at Power Station Studios in New York. When they left in the early hours of the morning, it seemed as though they had something very special but on reflection some days later, every one in the band felt that although it was a beautiful mix, it was a little too soft for the sound they were trying to achieve. They’ve not heard the song since, but it probably has withstood the test of time as Bob is an enormously talented mixer. The band hope to find the tapes, and perhaps they will be ready for a more public airing. Katy"