Duran Duran’s “Careless Memories”

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Have you seen or read the new Duran Duran book CARELESS MEMORIES? Is it good? It's expensive! Why is it different than any of the other photo books they've released (and I've collected)? Thanks, Mike V.

Hi Mike,

I am glad you asked!

The CARELESS MEMORIES book of photos by Denis O'Regan, taken during the band's groundbreaking 1984 Sing Blue Silver tour, is really outstanding. I am sure people reading this think that I am hardly able to give an unbiased opinion, but that's actually not true; I was sort of wondering what the fuss was about until I was able to see it for myself.

To begin with, the photos are incredible. Many of them are never-seen-before shots taken during a seminal time in the band's career. Denis had unprecedented access to the guys, day in and day out. He traveled all across North America with them, documenting their every movement. You can actually feel the electricity of the moments by looking at the photographs.

As someone who has been working with Duran Duran for a very long time [I hate to say the number of years, but let's just say that THANK YOU was my first album with the band!], there were many pictures I'd never seen before. In addition, the 1984 contingent of Duran Duran is present in this book. That means commentary from Simon, Nick, John, Roger & Andy. It's really interesting to read their different perspectives of what was going on at that time, with quotes from 1984 and from 2014. I had a few laughs, and while I know the guys all really well, even I found out things I didn't know before.

The packaging of CARELESS MEMORIES is also quite beautiful. The book looks impressive, the binding is perfect and the pages have weight. Each copy is signed by the band members (Simon, Nick, John, Roger & Andy), which is also pretty great considering I am forever asked where someone can buy something that's authentically signed. It's a collectible time capsule in a venetian red silk box.

An investment, yes. But aren't all pieces of art an investment?



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