Ian Little and RIO

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Can the band remember which song it was off the album RIO they gave Ian Little back in 1982/83 to remix? Would be great to know!

I found this article on the internet where it says (excerpt):

"Initially, Ian Little was asked to remix a track off Rio at Tony Visconti's Good Earth complex in London's Soho, and when he realised that no members of the band were even bothering to show up he was, as he now recalls, "really pissed off". The result was that he completed the mix in double-quick time, making it sound as rough-eged as he could, and departed the studio thinking that he'd never hear from Duran Duran ever again. Wrong... Over the course of the next week, each of the band members contacted him to say that their material had never sounded so exciting, and this in turn led to his co-production assignment on the ensuing album." Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Best, Ansgar

"Hi Ansgar, The way I remember events is rather different. The “RIO” album was completed long before we had any contact with Ian Little; we were introduced to Ian through Phil Mazanera (Roxy Music), who had been working with him in his studio in Chertsey, which is in Surrey. We were looking for someone new to work with, and Phil had suggested Ian, saying that he was creative, so we thought we would try him out on the initial sessions for the recording of the song “Is There Something I Should Know.” These were done at Tony Visconti’s Good Earth Studios in SoHo, London. We kept Ian throughout this process, and after first mixing the song with Bob Clearmountain, we then ended up doing a final mix with Alex Sadkin.

When we moved on to the third album, we decided that both Ian and Alex would be an interesting combination to work together based upon our experience reaching the final version of “Is There Something I Should Know." Nick"