Shepherd’s Bush String Section

Hi Katy, My first time of emailing, and I hope it's not too dull a question!...I really enjoyed the Shepherds Bush show on Monday night, and in particular I thought the string section was excellent, especially on "A View To A Kill" and "The Reflex." I was wondering if the girls are a string quartet in their own right (have they released material together, for instance?) or whether they were auditioned separately for the tour? I really thought they added a touch of class. Thanks, Paul

"Hi Paul. Not a dull question at all. We went to one of the performers, Martha Riley (who happens to also be the wife of Dom Brown!), for the answer:

'When John asked me to fix a string section to work with the band I immediately thought of Izzi, Sally and Rebecca. Although we're not an official quartet, we've all worked together many times as session players, with lots of different artists and bands. I had a pretty good idea of what John and Nick wanted, and when we all rehearsed together the girls totally got it! "Reflex" was definitely one of our favourites but, as string players, we all absolutely loved "Ordinary World." The perfect pop song to use strings! Martha x' "