Missing/All She Wants Is

Dear Katy, I always simply loved the song "Missing" from SRTR and when I purchased the new release of the album w/ bonus material I was ever so overjoyed to know there was an actual video (Truly stunning). Of course I was also overjoyed to view "The Flame" video as well, not ever knowing that there was ever a video made (Absolute fun). Having said, I just wondered if the magic maker behind the "Missing" video is the same person that created the visual effects for "All She Wants Is." The amazing effects hold true to "extraordinary" even after all these years of new techno gadgetry.
Many Thanks, Judy

"Very well spotted Judy! Both videos were in fact directed by Dean Chamberlain, an highly creative American photographer. I was first introduced to Dean's still images in the early 80s.

He created the video for "Missing" by using a technique of filming one frame at a time, an ardous process, but one that certainly produced stunning results.

When we filmed the "ASWI" video, we spent a couple of days with Dean filming the same way, but we knew at that stage that we had other commitments so we made flexible dummies of ourselves which Dean could manipulate over the next two weeks of filming, hence the ultra-surreal effect throughout the final video. Nick"