Kubicki Bass

Ask Katy

This one is for Mr. JT. I am a bassist (well, actually I am only an Italian lawyer and sometimes play bass) and I started to play the instrument in the late 80’s, "Notorious" – "Big Thing" era (now I’m 36 years old).
I’m totally crazy (sound and look) for the black kubicki ex factor and thinking to buy one (now pick a 5-string Ibanez). Think John wants to play it again? Thanx, Sal.

"Very doubtful Sal, I'm kinda locked into the Peaveys, they are very consistent and well made- and do what I ask them to do. Like a German sports car, a Porsche or that fancy Audi. I cannot imagine going back to the Kubicki, although it was a fantastic little axe back in the day. Ibanez? Never been there mate..Best,-John"