Stickie Notes

Ask Katy

Hello Nick, I have been watching your video updates with interest about the new album and have noticed alot of sticky notes all over the wall,being a Bowie fan like yourself, are you and the band using the cut-up technique,that he used from the early 70's,or is there another reason? Many Thanks, Paul

"Whilst I am a fan of the cut up technique, which produced extraordinary results for David Bowie and several beat poets, we have not exactly deployed this method. The notes you can see are mostly potential titles or words and phrases that we felt may inspire something lyrically for the songs. Many were taken from my notebooks or Simon's visits to a gallery. On a few occasions we have written out a chorus lyric with several missing words and used the notes to help find what we needed. The good news is, there are plenty of ideas left over! NR"