Organ Sounds

Ask Katy

Nick, I've read in the past you don't have a good relationship with organ sounds used on duran duran tracks. I'm listening to “Be my Icon” and think you always make the right choice. Songs like “I don't want your love” and “New Religion” are all fine examples. What is your favorite way to approach this magical synthesized organ addiction and your favorite track? Anthony, Baltimore, MD

“When we did “I Don’t Want Your Love” I decided to use an organ on the chorus because I actually felt it made the track more church-like. There was something ironically appealing to me about using that element when the lyric was saying “I Don’t Want Your Love.” The organ on “New Religion” was actually played on a Roland Jupiter 8. It was a sound I had been modifying and I played the intro in isolation, so we had to attach it to the front of the song afterwards. I “glued” it together with a few sounds covering the join.

Strangely, I realized that it may have been the word “religion” that triggered me to think of an organ again...I do believe the various tones an organ can produce often work well in songs but the reason I have not used them so often is because they are so ubiquitous on other records. However, when we recorded our MTV UNPLUGGED in 1994 I used an organ for the entire set, which was a revelation for me. NR”