On The Train


A poem by J Taylor, titled 'On The Train'

Too long it is taking
My weekend wasting
All for the chance to stand with the men
Shout and stomp and clap
Gloved hands in the cold
Keep up relations with important friends
Stay out of the house while the filmers Film.

Paper's read-No tea service neither-And the chattiest, Mock-happiest, Fellow passengers I've heard.
(Maybe they are as happy as they sound?)
It's the champers express!
30 more minutes
Outside, the golden leafed glow is flat. This grey autumnal day Is not A spectacular day
(As mentioned by the BBC)
And I would like to return home Before dark if I can.
Game over 230- Station by 315- Train 330 ish- Chippenham by 530- Dark dark dark.. And that will be my Saturday