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They're going to get a little shorter now; these blogs I mean.

It is quite hard, I have found, adjusting to life back in England. I am aided by beautiful Autumn days; crisp blue skies and a chill in the air. The sun, which is noticeably less powerful, always seems to shine a little brighter in the sky; perhaps because it is lower and a little more dazzling. It still looks like the end of summer here. The trees haven't all turned yet; there's still a lot of green around. But it feels cold and I love that; the shift to thicker wool, to scarves and cloth caps and tweed jackets and maybe a heavy coat. Yes, the changing season brings out the bourgeois fashion victim in me like so many others.

I have one daughter (nameless) who seems to be reverting back into hibernation. And how it grates to watch someone sleeping their youth away. I know, it's what I used to listen to when I was a teenager too: "you're wasting your life, you know that! It's going down the drain and you just don't care."
"Yes Dad" she agrees, before slipping back into the torpor.

Still, thems dogs makes me smile.