Monopoly Men

I have a question for John and/or Nick, I heard once that in your mid-teens the pair of you hopped on a train to London to visit the places on a Monopoly board. Can you remember how many of them you managed to see and if they lived up to your expectations? Did you start with Mayfair and work backwards? When playing the game, I’d guess that John would choose the car and Nick the top hat – right or wrong? Thank you! Hannah xxx

JOHN: "Nope!.. No truth in it whatsover!!.. nice idea for a movie though! JT"

NICK: " Hey, wait a minute... Completely true! When I was thirteen years old, I told my mother I was going to Coventry with my friend Peter Morris on the train, but I had a very cunning plan to continue on to London. I attempted to go to as many places on the Monopoly board as possible, but had rather underestimated the distances... Funny, all looked so simple on the board. We actually made it to a fair few, but my mother was not too thrilled and Peter's mother was furious with me, so when it started to get dark, the trip was swiftly curtailed and we got back on the train to Birmingham. Don't think we ever made it to Mayfair. N"