Hello Katy, My question and quite honestly, my WISH is, has DD ever pondered working with the likes of Alex Patterson of The ORB? I've always loved the instrumentals Duran have placed so properly on the albums. Yet I sit and think what Tel Aviv would sound like remixed by the Orb. Other likelihood's would be the Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow. The lot so to speak. Even Blur who are fans. I think this question would be most fashioned for Nick seeing his artful massaging of ambiance is always dreamy.

Please consider!! What is your take on this proposal? Regards and many fuzzy logic's.
Pete. CT

“Hello Pete, We are constantly considering different people for collaborations. You never know who you’re going to end up working with, it’s often dictated by coincidence, timing or who you happen to bump in to at an event. We like some of the work from all of the artists you mentioned, so it isn’t out of the question. As you may be aware, we have recently worked with Mark Ronson, which has been a very uplifting experience. Sometimes, you just have to click. The Band”