Dub the Track

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, I was listening to the Dub Mix of 'I Don't Want Your Love' today and i've always wanted to know who says in the middle of this mix "Dub the track" ? It's also used in the regular 12" 'Big Mix" at the start of the track but only in a stuttered 'du-du-du-dub' not the whole phrase.' Is it one of the band saying this or is it a sample that remixer Shep Pettibone placed in himself - or even it's something he found on the master tapes he was given to use to mix the track. thanks. Yours Vinyl-tastically, IzzY

"“Dearest IzzY, We are somewhat troubled that this has troubled you for so long. Unfortunately, we are not the perfect candidate to relieve your curiosity as we simply haven’t got a clue....we could safely say that no member of the band would have made such an utterance at that time, so the best guess is that Mssr. Pettibone is responsible. Feel free to drop us a line once you’ve had him confirm this. Yours curiously, The Band.”