At the HOF

Dear Katy: I spoke with Howard Kramer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday. During our conversation (about Duran Duran and Prince) he had mentioned that Nick and John had visited the Rock Hall and were very generous with donations and they were very nice gentlemen. I made the call to the Rock Hall concerning my collection of Duran Duran product. I am in Ohio and have been to Cleveland 3 times to visit the Hall and have always hoped of seeing Duran Duran enter the Hall. I am now wondering...what on Planet Earth did John and Nick may offer the Rock Hall? Are the guys willing to share? Thank You so much-- David--Duran Duran's BIGest Fan.

"Hi David – checked with John and Nick. They believe they donated some paper memorabilia, such as tour programmes and photos. The Hall also has several items of clothing worn by them in music videos and on tour, which are strictly on loan! Katy"