Live Aid, 25 Years Later

By the time I was 13 I became obsessed with becoming a professional bass player ... thanks to JT and endless hours of playing along with DD records after school, all these years later and I am still making a living doing it! I remember when DD were set to be on Live Aid ... I had my Aria Pro bass
out and the VCR ready to hit 'record' as soon as they were announced. As I excitedly with childish innocence played along and pretended I was in DD playing really LIVE I remember JT's bass cutting out halfway through "Union" and being HEARTBROKEN!! Going back now and looking at clips I noticed it kept happening throughout the Live Aid gig. Was just wondering what John's recollections were of his Amp crapping out while on such a huge gig!! Eric

"Hmm, the media has reminded us it has been 25 years... I honestly don't remember specifically the bass cutting out. The performances were fraught with technical problems, that I do remember. Andy's guitar went down before the Power Station set which meant we had to cut a number. It wasn't easy! JT"