Vintage Aria

Ask Katy

An unusual but hopefully interesting question for John. As the Bass Messer who made me go to my local music store and spend all £100 of my Chistmas Money on a Bass Guitar 22 years ago (Im Now 34). Ive had an original Aria SB1000 (1983) for a few years now . the pick up has died and Im getting a new one made ... Ive decided Im gonna get a custom paint job (DD stylie) What Pic, album cover , logo, anything would you decide to have to celebrate yours and DD's history - Ive got a FEW ideas (well im going crazy to be honest LOL) but the nat finish is going the distance and its gonna be a one off SB that Only I have . Me Me Me ...LOL. Thank you for your time and enornous inspiration over the years. Pauly C

"Hi Pauly..If it were up to me, and you have the real deal, vintage Aria.. I wouldn't touch it. Don't mess with it friend, that custom stuff will age it faster than light. It's one thing for yours truly, who can afford to have a bass built just for one tour concept, but if that's your main instrument, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!My advice, take it or leave it!-JT"