Photo Shoots – the missing years

Dear Duran Duran:

I am an avid collector and archivist of your work, up until now there are only 2 years in your band's history where you missed a band photo shoot: 1996 and 2002.

I don't know about 1996 but I am sure I read in 2002 you met Bob Carlos Clarke for a photo shoot in what probably was a recording studio you were working in at the time. Never seen those, what was the concept and the purpose of that shoot? He is sadly dead now: will we ever see those gems? Christian

“Good afternoon Christian,

What a curious observation you have made. I have a feeling you may well be correct regarding the absence of any band photographs for the year 1996, as most of this period was spent in the studio writing and recording the MEDAZZALAND album.

In 2002, Bob Carlos Clark did visit us at Sphere studios in London to document us working. However, it did not turn out to be the most inspiring day for visuals as we were listening to tracks rather than playing and creating them. Bob did bring several roles of films that he shot to show us, and I seem to remember there being some interesting images, but he planned to come back again on another day when we were recording. Sadly this never happened, so this remains the only time Bob ever photographed Duran Duran. I presume the pictures remain in his archive and they may be more interesting in retrospect. Bob was an enormous talent and a friend and I still often think of him. Nick”