Miss Ross

hi katy, First "Would someone.." book has been such a gift. thanks to all of you involved! now:
I recently came across a 1985 Smash Hits issue with an interview with John by Peter Martin, who said John introduced him to Diana Ross (and she thought he was nick) at the Power Station studios, while she was having a hear of a song John submitted to her.The article told of how enthusiastic she was about that song, and how she asked to change some lyrics because the song was from a man to a girl, and so it sounded a bit strange to her. Can John remember something more about this one to share with us? Thanks a lot, Cami

"What I do remember is sitting at the piano with Diana, and playing some chords to her. I think they were the chords that became "Still in Your Heart." She was very sweet and funny, but definitely on the prowl for material. She would be asking Bernard (and Nile too, I remember) 'When are you gonna write something for me?' Not surprising when you consider the last songs they had written for her were "I'm coming out" and "Upside Down." JT"