Duran Duran: Why should we retire?

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Duran Duran: Why should we retire?

Duran Duran have revealed they dream of never retiring and take inspiration from the Rolling Stones' age-defying antics.

The Stones, who have a combined age of 265, have been performing since 1963 and Duran Duran say they want to wow the crowds for as long as thier idols have.

Nick Rhodes said: "We're all big music fans and a few years ago we went to see the Rolling Stones and the show was so amazing, 50,000 people were going crazy in the audience, and that's inspirational because they are definitely the generation above us."

Despite performing together for more than 30 years, the group have made no plans to take a step back from the spotlight.

Drummer Roger Taylor said: "I think as long as you're inspired, as long as you have an audience I don't see why you should ever think about giving up or retiring.

"We never actually talk about that because I think we're all so in the moment, which is where you should be, that we never sit around and say 'Where we gonna be in ten years' time, or five years' time, when are we gonna retire?' It's just not even a conversation point."

The band, who are currently working in the studio with producer and DJ Mark Ronson, will be headlining the Lovebox Weekender on Saturday 18 July and Edinburgh Castle on Thursday 16 July.

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