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June 20, 2009. 8:11 AM.

'One hour is a long time in the life of a butterfly'

Thank you.

As I get older and hopefully, wiser I am finding it necessary to simplify my thought process. One of the ways I try to keep things simpler is by using gratitude. …

Bleaughhhh!!!.. scratch that, start again:

Hello. It’s my birthday! Thank you all for the kind messages and birthday wishes you sent in to me. To be honest, I don’t particularly feel like doing this today, but I realize it’s become a sort of tradition within the band community and would like to honour that with a little something. I don’t have anything profound to offer this morning, but I would like to say that I am grateful to have made it to the nice age of forty-nine, and to be feeling as good as I do about myself and the world I live in. (Cue sunshine...)

So in the spirit of keeping things simple I’m just going to dedicate my birthday today to four bass players who came before me, inspired me to play and continue to inspire me to play, even though they have all been gone for some time now;

James Jamerson. Bernard Edwards. Jimmy Garrison. John Entwistle.

Much love,