Different V.O.S?

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, My question for the band: Last night, I was reading some interviews and press clippings from the LIBERTY era in the early 90s. In one of this interviews, the band is asked for the "Violence of Summer" video-clip and they said that there was a first version of this video, totally different from the official clip that all we know and was used to promote the song, but it was rejected because it was very similar to the "RIO" video-clip, and the band wanted something different. Can you tell me something more about it? Thank you!!!!Lots of love!!, turronyvainilla

"The guys (Nick, John and Simon) say there was a video shot that was different, but it was nothing like “Rio,” so it appears some wires have been crossed somewhere during the last decade or so....The "alternate" version filmed for “Violence of Summer,” was never actually ever edited. It was purely a performance piece to a alternate remix of the track. There were no boats involved! Katy"