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Ask Katy

Hello Gents, I have asked this question before and since (yikes!) I have not recieved an answer I can only imagine that the answer is a difficult one. As a designer I have been influenced by all of Duran's attention to album art, tour books etc. over the years and dare I say that it holds equal to my love for the band (nearly!) as much as the sweet sounds on each record. Is there a vault, or a "Duran Duran Hall of Records" that contains alternative album art, forgotten concepts and press-ready works that will never see the light of day? Would Mr. Rhodes ever consider a book which captures each album sleeve from concept to creation, with sketches and outtakes included? My personal fave is BIG THING....Fantastic! Cheers, Mark

"Strangely enough Mark, we are currently in the process of discussing a visuals and art work book, so hopefully we will reveal some of the ‘out takes.’ However, you may be surprised at how few different versions there were for singles and albums, as we usually targeted a single designer, discussed a concept, and then brought that to fruition, which then usually became the final cover artwork. NR”