Tricked Out

I got RED CARPET MASSACRE and I've been listening to
the CD continuously. It's addictive! And especially the instrumental,
"Tricked Out." I'm in love with it! Although I was surprised by it initially,
because it sounds very goth. And I know you guys have always had a bit of a
new-wave edge, but this reminds me of my vacation earlier this year to
Leipzig (they have the biggest Gothic festival in the world there each year)
and the Batcave party I went to there. I didn't remember seeing you guys
there? But tell me, because I'm dying to know, what was the inspiration
for that song? Sanneke

“We were actually looking back to our punk roots when we wrote this track,
which I guess was planted in the Garden right next to the Goth Trees. And
although I confess I was not at the Leipzig Festival, I have always had a
soft spot for Goth. We hadn’t actually done an instrumental for a long time,
but I have a feeling there may be some more soon, also it’s great to play
live. NR”